Aromatic Dwarf Coconut is The Choice to Make

TOK BALI - Visitors who come to Tok Bali certainly will not miss the opportunity to enjoy the delightful taste of this young coconut drink. The Aromatic Dwarf Coconut is now the fancy and ‘in-thing' for fans of the young coconut drink.

This is due to the natural fragrance of the young coconut drink that smells akin to the aroma of pandanus leaves. Although the fruit is not as big as other types of coconuts, however, due to its sweet taste and the pandan flavour, it thrives as the favourite choice among many.

This aromatic dwarf coconut is a complete package of sweet and aromatic juice as well as delicious and solid flesh. The tree is low, which provides ease of plucking the fruit. The coconut tree takes between three to five years to mature, and may produce sizeable yields.

Appropriate with the Kelantan State Government's present slogan, "Agriculture as a Form of Ibadah (Act of Worship)", local communities have rise up to it (the slogan) by delving into the various fields of agriculture. Although it is not for commercial use, but they still indirectly benefit from it.

At the end of May 2012, participants of the Work Coordination Meeting in collaboration with Shell Malaysia, in Tok Bali, attended by staff of SUK, PTJP, MDPP and the government agencies of Pasir Puteh territory were served with the aromatic dwarf coconut drink and most of the participants expressed their fondness of such delicious drink.

The Yang DiPertua of MDPP congratulated the company besides giving a reminder that this project is a joint venture project between MDPP and the company, therefore they (the company) must provide utmost commitment and maintain the image and interests of MDPP during the project implementation, and most important; the project must run as scheduled.

Kelapa Pandan Jadi Pilihan Pengunjung

Kelapa Pandan Jadi Pilihan Pengunjung

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