MDPP or its full name, Pasir Puteh District Council is a State Statutory Body established on 1 January 1979 in line with the restructuring of local authorities across the nation under Act 171 (1976).The Council's administration areas are a result of the merging of Local Authority areas that have already existed before 1979 (of the Pasir Puteh Town Board and the Cherang Ruku Local Council) with several new areas located outside of both the said local authorities.

The Kelantan State local authority during the 24th State Exco Council Meeting in 1998 which convened on 16 December 1998 decided to expand the Pasir Puteh District Council to include the whole Territory (District) of Pasir Puteh.  Border-altering by any Local Authority is permitted as provisioned under Section 4(3), Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) which is:

"The State Authority, in consultation with the Minister and the Secretary of the Election Commission, may by notification in the Gazette, alter the boundaries of any Local Authority Area."

In accordance with this provision which requires that any propositions to alter borders of any Local Authority by the State Authority, must be consulted with the Minister of Housing and Local Government and the Secretary of the Election Commission Malaysia before it is gazetted, in which the Kelantan State Government has referred the proposition to be considered by both parties. The Election Commission of Malaysia in this matter stated that the proposition is approved by their party as stated in its correspondence:  SPR (S) 172/Jld.5 / (32), dated 7 May 2003.

The area of the Pasir Puteh District Council is approximately 50 square miles which is a third of the whole Pasir Puteh Region (167.2 square miles). In addition, MDPP had also prepared a 1990 structure plan and the Structure Planning Draft (part of Pasir Puteh District Council). The expansion of the MDPP area to the whole Pasir Puteh Region was gazetted on 7 July 2005.

In the early stages of its establishment, MDPP had to face various harsh adversities in its efforts to obtain stability of its existence. Now, MDPP has successfully diversified its activities to facilitate the people which encompass the retail or business space licence unit, rental marquees, special actions unit, enforcement division, Public Health Division, Urban Beautification and Cleanliness and many more.

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