1. We promise to always be ready to assist you in carrying out all transactions, and to serve you with a smile.
  2. Provide efficient and friendly counter services.
  3. Ensure all projects are carried out to exacting specifications, safely, with the highest quality, and cost-efficiency.

A)    Administration Division
1.    To entertain enquiries from clients within 5 minutes
2.    To receive any complaints from clients in writing - 5 minutes
3.    To receive complaints from clients via telephone – 5 minutes
4.    To process applications to rent halls, fields and vehicles – 10 minutes
5.    To process entertainment permit approval applications – 20 minutes

B)    Development and Engineering Division
1.    To manage applications for building construction – two weeks
2.    To process applications for Certificate of Fitness for Occupation – One day
3.    To process applications to repair damaged roads – 20 minutes
4.    To process applications for street lights – 10 minutes
5.    To conduct site visits to proposed construction site – One day
6.    To process machine rental applications – 10 minutes

C)    Licensing, Cleanliness and Urban Beautification Division
1.    To receive applications for business licence – 10 minutes
2.    To process business licence applications – 30 days
3.    To receive and process temporary permit applications – 60 minutes
4.    To receive and process advertisement licence applications – 30 minutes

D)    Finance Division
1.    To receive and resolve assessment tax payments within 10 minutes
2.    To receive and resolve business licence payments within 10 minutes
3.    To receive and resolve plant rental payments within 10 minutes
4.    To receive and resolve hall rental payments within 10 minutes
5.    To receive and resolve MDPP store rentals within 10 minutes
6.    To receive parking summons payments – 10 minutes
7.    To receive payments for building plan approval deposits – 10 minutes
8.    To receive compound payments – 10 minutes
9.    To prepare payment vouchers for suppliers – 14 days
10.    To make payment to suppliers  - 10 minutes

E)    Enforcement Division
1.    To resolve reclaims/compounds processes for stray livestock within 30 minutes
2.    To approve applications to install temporary banners/advertisements within 30 minutes

F)    Valuation and Property Management Division
1.    To provide opportunities to clients to check assessment tax arrears and value imposed within enforcement areas which will be resolved in 10 minutes.
2.    To handle assessment tax appeal cases within 1 month (subject to cases)
3.    To identify new cases for assessment tax enforcement
4.    To check and prepare valuation lists for new cases
5.    To set the rate and value of assessment for completed buildings.

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