Service and Administration Division :-

- Meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan – Increase quality of service

D - Dengan penuh tekun dan dedikasi – With passion and dedication

- Perhubungan masyarakat sentiasa erat dan mesra – Friendly ties with the community

P - Perkhidmatan adalah utk meningkatkan taraf sosio ekonomi masyarakat Tempatan – Serve to raise the socio-economic well being of the community

The MDPP is led by a President, who is aided by a Secretary, and there are several specialized divisions, handling specific tasks:

1. Administration Division

  • Responsible for all administrative tasks, mailing, filing, staff record keeping, official government business, staff development etc.

2. Finance Division

  • Responsible for all finance and revenue transactions. This includes annual budgeting, rental of shop lots, facilities, machinery and equipment, procurement, capital assets and other issues related to income and spending

3. Assessment Division

  • Responsible for all tasks related to taxation, from initial assessment, to claims and outstanding balance settlement as well as tax appeal cases, and other problems and complaints related to council tax

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