Among the MDPP's objectives are:-

  • Improve services and basic amenities for the people.
  • Raise the quality of life through development projects.
  • Ensure proper developmental planning.
  • Increase cleanliness and beauty of the city and other council recreational areas
  • Boost council finances with an aim at becoming a self-funded operationally autonomous organization 


Strategies of the Council


To reach these objectives, they following has been undertaken:

  1. Execute infrastructure development projects including road construction, drainage and sewerage etc.
  2. Implement projects with financial benefits for the people including building markets, stalls, etc.
  3. Implement and maintain public amenities including recreational parks, sports fields etc
  4. Increase urban cleanliness and also along major roads
  5. Boost council revenue with projects like the construction of malls and warehouses for rental income

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