Principles of ‘Ubudiyyah'

1. Sincerity

  • To do work in the name of Allah WST in search of halal sustainability in the hopes of earning His Grace and Mercy, and rid the soul of selfishness.

2. Work as Ibadat

  • Faith beyond doubt in carrying out one's work as ibadat for His Grace and Mercy

3. The All Knowing Allah SWT

  • Realize that we are never beyond His Ever Watchful Gaze.

4. Reaping  what you sow

  • Having faith that good deeds will be Rewarded accordingly and bad deeds will lead to Punishment.

5. To earn the Mercy of Allah SWT

  • Knowing that everything we do is to serve and earn the Mercy of Allah SWT.


  • Looking at the bright side always, in search of contentment

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