Concept of Implementing ‘Itqan'

‘Itqan' isn't just a physical achievement, but also takes skill, commitment, confidence, focus and other matters of the heart etc.

‘Itqan' requires input principles as support towards its realization, linked with four mandatory traits of the rasul :

  • Sidiq (Truth)
  • Amanah (Honesty)
  • Tabligh (Delivering the True Message)
  • Fatanah (Wisdom and Intelligence)

The civil servant who embodies these traits will do justice to the tasks assigned to them. It also steers one clear of lying, backstabbing, malice, and incompetence. Keep in mind the following :-

1. Work hard with an iron will (al-Nahl:9)

2. Work with Sincerity and Honesty (al-Nisa' :58)

3. Work competently with all your might (al-taubah:58)

4. Work with the spirit of a common sharing in loads borne (al-Ma'idah:2)

5. Work for the benefit of all mankind (al-Hujurat:10)

  • The themes and philosophies in ‘Ubudiyyah', ‘Mas'uliyyah' dan ‘Itqan' are a translation of Islam in our daily life.
  • TThese are the measuring sticks for all civil servants, providing parameters for tasks at work and beyond.

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