What separates leaders from those who can led. As a member of the Kelantan Civil Servic, the following code is adhered to:-


1. Treats subordinates with respect;

2. Generous, and ready to impart knowledge and experience

3. Mindful of etiquette and principles, worthy of becoming an example to others;

4. Fair and just in making decisions


All state civil servants must at all times;-

1. Be prepared to carry out the orders of their leader;

2. Punctual after taking into account religious responsibilities;


1. Mutual respect;

2. Mindful of etiquette;

3. Willing to help and work together for the common good; and

4. Willing to listen to advice, criticism with open heart.

Counter Services

1. Welcome customers in a friendly and sincere manner;

2. Efficient service;

3. Waiting on customers fairly, according to the queue; and dan

4. Never forgetting important phrases like ‘Terima Kasih', ‘Jumpa lagi' and ‘Assalamualaikum'.

Telephone Service

1. Speak with a pleasant, clear and friendly tone, and always willing to offer assistance;

2. Never sounding tired, bored; and

3. Never allowing a caller waiting for more than 30 seconds, and ready to offer apology for long delays

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