1. Business Trade and Industry By-Law
Gazetted in 1987 under Section 102 Local Government Act 1976.  For use within the confines of the MDPP only. Each license holder must adhere to the following:

  •  Fire extinguishers with capability that meets the standards of the council president
  • Adequate stairs and exits, which are also easily serviceable
  • All stairs, paths, platforms and exits must always be free of obstacles and ready to be  used in an emergency

2. Small Traders By-Law 1987
Gazetted in 1986.  States that no individual can begin a trading business without a license issued by the President of the MDPP as per the provisions of the relevant by-laws. License applications can be made by forwarding a completed form to the Council President. All licenses can be revoked at any time with having to state and reasons. Cleanliness of the highest priority at all times. The MDPP is at liberty to issue a penalty or seize a traders stall if it does not confirm to council specifications. Claims on confiscated items can begin to be made 3 months after the goods are seized

3. Barber and Hairstylists By-Law 
Gazetted under Section 103 Local Government Act 1976, and implemented from January 1st 1988.  Each business premise owner must adhere to the following:

  • Barbers ad stylists must be clean and sanitary when dealing with customers, at all times.
  • Coat or overall is a must when servicing customers (white cloth or in soft pastels).
  • Health check-ups to be done once a year.

4. Compoundable Offences By-Law 1984
Gazetted under Section 3 Local Government Act 1976, and implemented from December 1st 1984. Among the compoundable offences under Section 69, 70, 74, 75, 76, 78, 82 (5), 91, 107, 109, 240 (2) (a), 160 ad 161 of the Local Government Act.  The Council President or Secretary, or their officers, have the authority to enforce these laws.

5. Food Handling By-Law 1987
Gazetted under Section 73 Local Government Act 1976, and implemented from 1986.  Among the offences committed by food handlers which will result in punitive action:

  • Suffering any contagious diseases
  •  Carrier of a disease
  • Any illnesses which cause the excretion of pus or serum from any part of the body, or any skin ailments
  •  Relationship with any other individuals who suffer from contagious diseases

6. Roaming Grazing Animals By-Law 1981
Gazetted under Section 102 Local Government Act 1976, and implemented from July 1st 1981. The provisions of the by-law are as follows:

  • Prohibited from placing or rearing cows/buffaloes with a license issued by the MDPP Council President.
  • Council President at liberty to issue license in areas under the jurisdiction of the MDPP, gazette the areas for cow/buffalo rearing based on the conditions in Form I Joint List
  • Holders must display their license in a visible place, for inspection by Health and MDPP Officers
  • Each application for rearing location must include a completed Form 2 Joint List

7. Roaming Grazing Animals By-Law 1983

  • The Roaming Grazing Animals By-law 1983 was gazetted under Section 3 of the Local Government Act 1976.  The by-law was enforced from the 1st of July 1976.  It outlines offences by owners and herders, should the grazing animals enter public areas
  • Permission to detain, shoot and slaughter roaming animals are as follows:
  •  Council President, Secretary or any MDPP officer can order the seizure or detention of animals caught roaming in public areas
  •  If the animals put  people in public areas at risk, it can be shot and slaughtered, or the carcass disposed of according to procedure, and at a location determined by the Council President and the MDPP Secretary.

8. Park By-Law 1987

  • This by-law was gazetted in 1986 under Section 103. The law was established to ensure cleanliness and harmony a toll parks under the care of the MDPP. Offences include vandalizing amenities in the park. The Council president can close the park, or any part of it, at any time. The MDPP is at liberty to fine, issue compounds or penalties on the errant trader or parties.

9. Anti-Littering By Law 1983

  • By-law put under gazette on the 1st of July 1983. The by-law was established to ensure the MDPP remains clean. It is enforced across the MDPP jurisdiction, under the allocation of Section 3 of the Local Government Act 1976, Among actions deemed as inappropriate:
  • Placing, collecting, dumping or voluntary permission to clean the car, in a public place.
  • Drying foodstuff and other items, at the beach
  • Dispose of food and place scraps properly , and don't forget to get your bag for litter, or spilling liquids like blood, saltwater at the dump sites at public areas.

10. Election Ad By-law
11. Private Parking License By-law
12. Land Works By-law
13. Advertorial By-law
14. Market By-law
15. Dog Licensing By-law
16. Waste Collection and Disposal By-law
17. Public Restroom By-law
18. Vandalism By-law

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