The territory of Pasir Puteh formally existed since year 1905 with an area of 433.8 km² (167.2 miles²). It is 5th largest Teritory in Kelantan. Pasir Putih is bordered by Kota Bharu to the north, Machang to the west, Bachok to the North-East and on the south it lies beside Besut, Terengganu.

Relief territory of Pasir Puteh could be divided into two large lands as highland and lowland. There is several highland in Pasir Putih namely Bukit Mak Lipah, Bukit Jerus, Bukit Bayoh, Bukit Belakang Parang, Bukit Batu Kawi, and Bukit Peraksi. Between these hills Bukit Mak Lipah is the highest hill which is 868 feet height located nearby with North of Bachok's .

Pasir Puteh famous with Tok Janggut's history against English party which tried to spread influence it's in Jeram's district. To commemorate his struggle, MDPP's has build one monument named 'Monument of Tok Janggut' located at Semerak river, Bandar Pasir Puteh.

Pasir Puteh is a located in between of two rivers namely Sungai Rasau and Sungai Semerak, which is use as a major transportation and emerge as residents' centre location.


Map of Pasir Puteh

Peta Jajahan Pasir Puteh

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