Untouched beachfront. Just 16 km outside Pasir Puteh, 2 km from Cherang Ruku and 12 km from Kg.Raja, Besut, Terengganu.

Public transport available to get you here comes in the form of buses and taxies. The bus fare to Cherang Ruku is RM 1.50 while the taxi fare is RM 2.00 from Pasir Puteh. To get to Pantai Bisikan Bayu, you will need to hire a cycle taxi which charges RM 1.00 per person.
At the beach, you will find a surau, rest room, changing room, playground, and even chalets at Taman Rehlah. Among the activities you can take part in here include picnics, camping and family activities.


Taman Permainan
Pantai Bisikan Bayu
Bisikan Bayu Beach


Jalan / Akses di Jalan Pantai Bisikan Bayu
Road Access


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