Opened in 2005, and still not completed. Located just 6 km from Selising or 22 km from Pasir Puteh. Will be developed like the popular Pasu and Linang Rapids. It's a bit off the beaten path and not yet known by too many people. Great for quiet family weekends.
In actual fact, just 8 km from Selising or 25 km from Pasir Puteh. You can reach it by hire car or taxi, but there is a bus that can take you to as far as Selising. From Pasir Puteh to Selising is RM1 by bus, while the taxi fare from Selising to Mengaji Rapids is RM3 per person.  If you opt for a taxi from Pasir Puteh to Selising, it will cost RM2 per person.
Jeram Linang
Jeram Linang
Jeram Mengaji/ Jeram Mak Nenek, Selising

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